Antifreeze: The Hero of the Winter

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As the frigid winter nights come upon us, there is a silent hero keeping our vehicles running in these chilly temperatures. Antifreeze is a liquid that can be added to water to lower the freezing point and raise the boiling point of radiator fluids in a motor vehicle.  Our Antifreeze formulas are based on ethylene glycol. 

The Basics:
Antifreeze is an essential engine coolant that helps regulate the temperatures on a vehicle. In hot weather, antifreeze keeps the water in the engine and radiator from boiling over. In the other direction, when the weather becomes cold, antifreeze provides protection to a much lower temperature. 

Freeze Protection:
One of antifreeze's jobs is in the name itself, to lower the freezing point. When water freezes, it expands, and when water expansion occurs in the engine or radiator, it can cause irreversible damage. For example, if the water in the engine freezes, it can cause a great deal of pressure and can break the surrounding metal, creating cracks in the engine or radiator core. 

Heat Protection:
On the other hand, antifreeze has another job of providing protection to help prevent the water inside an engine or radiator from boiling.  When an engine is in operation, it will generate a great deal of heat. The coolant transfers the heat from the engine into the radiator, where it will then dissipate into the air. If an engine becomes too hot, there can be cylinder head gasket damage, corrosion, or even a fire. Antifreeze helps to ensure the temperature of the water in an engine does not become too high to cause damage to the vehicle.

Corrosion Protection:
Shockingly, antifreeze does more than regulate water temperatures in a vehicle’s engine. It also acts as a corrosion inhibitor. Corrosion is a gradual deterioration of metals caused by the action of air, moisture, or a chemical reaction on their surface. Antifreeze completes its job of being a corrosion inhibitor by forming a protective blanket that insulates the metals from the coolant. This results in a longer life for the vehicle and ensures that the cooling system functions efficiently over time.

Choosing the Right Antifreeze:
Warren Oil provides a variety of options for our consumers to pick from to ensure coolant safety in their vehicles. Our AUTOGUARD 50/50 Ready to Use Prediluted Antifreeze & Coolant is used in applications where conventional green (colored) antifreeze is recommended. It provides extended protection against rust, corrosion, and pitting, and provides protection against temperature extremes, preventing freeze-up (-34°F) and boil over (265°F). It is also available in a Full Protection (non-diluted) package.  The LUBRIGUARD Heavy Duty Prediluted Antifreeze & Coolant is used in heavy duty vehicles and delivers cooling system protection for up to 750,000 miles of on-road use (8 years or 15,000 hours of off-road use) without the use of chemically charged filters or the addition of Supplement Coolant Additives (SCA’s). Lastly, the AUTOGUARD Universal Antifreeze & Coolant is available in prediluted (Ready to Use) and Full Protection formulas. It is recommended for all makes and models of foreign and domestic passenger vehicles and provides up to 150,000 miles or 5 years of coolant protection. It is important to consult the vehicles owner’s manual to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal performance.

As we navigate through the winter months, let us appreciate the hero working diligently in our vehicle, antifreeze. Its ability to protect against freezing, boil-over, and prevent corrosion is important in maintaining the health and life of our vehicles. Next time you start your vehicle on a frosty morning, remember to thank the trusty antifreeze keeping things running smoothly under the hood.

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